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Providing an update for the community

on current development progress. 

May 2024

Coming Soon... 

March 2024

Share your views on Highwall Park Share

Creating green, open spaces for the community to enjoy at Waverley is very important to us – and we’re excited to be making progress on Highwall Park.

This 20-acre park will run through the heart of Waverley and connect the Advanced Manufacturing Park and Olive Lane with Waverley Lakes.  

It will be the main green space for the community, and will offer spaces for people to exercise, play sports and meet with friends and family.  We will be planting new trees and creating grassland and wetland, as well as a nature trail.

Given the size of the park, Harworth will be creating it in three phases, with the intention that the final phase is complete and open for the community to enjoy by the end of 2025. 

We are excited to announce that we are beginning consultation on the park – giving residents an opportunity to see the plans and share feedback.

We’re holding an event to give residents the chance to speak to the people involved in the planning and design of the park, and ask any questions you may have.  Please see details below and we look forward to seeing you there.














Progress at Olive Lane 

Construction work has commenced at Olive Lane after Harworth secured planning consent for this exciting new part of Waverley late last year. For the latest information and updates please follow this link Olive Lane 


Harworth appoints a new travel plan coordinator 

We are excited to announce the appointment of a new Travel Plan Coordinator

(TPC) for Waverley – Chris Taylor.

As the TPC, Chris will lead on the delivery of the travel plan for Waverley which aims to

increase active travel by residents, parents and pupils of the school, those working at the

Advanced Manufacturing Park, and visitors.

The TPC is working with a range of partners including the council, South Yorkshire Public Transport

Executive, South Yorkshire Mayoral Combined Authority, British Cycling, local bike store JE James

and local walking and cycling clubs. There will be a range of exciting events, discounts,

competitions and prizes to be won alongside information, training and advice.  Anyone who

works, lives or visits Waverly is invited to join these initiatives.

By reducing car dependency and helping residents enjoy more choice in how they travel, especially for shorter, local trips, we aim to improve road safety across the site, enhance air quality, positively impact the mental health and physical wellbeing of those living and working at Waverley, and reduce travel costs.


Landscaping of the riverside footpath 

We have commenced landscaping work on the riverside footpath located off Highfield Spring down to Waverley lake, and the open area adjacent to the community bike track.

The landscaping includes the planting of shrubs, trees and seeding to create a more visually pleasing walk, as well as improving the biodiversity of the area and providing habitats for local wildlife.

The works began on 4 March and are expected to take place over two weeks, weather permitting.  All footpaths will remain open to the public during this time, although some areas might have restricted pedestrian access. 

We have written to all residents with more details about the works and details of who to contact with any questions.

November 2023 


Vegetation clearance within parcel 4D

Harworth will be undertaking works during week commencing 13th November 2023 within Parcel 4D which is located between Highfield Spring and the Railway. The works involve the selective clearance and felling of scrub vegetation around the existing tarmac footpath and footbridge to allow for more detailed ground investigations to be carried within this future development plot. The works are due to start Monday 13th November for the duration of three days and working hours will be from 8am to 6pm.


It is not envisaged that the permissive tarmac footpath will be closed during these works, though we would kindly request you avoid using this route and use alternative walking routes during the period of the works if possible. We understand construction projects can be disruptive, and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.



October 2023


Flooding in Catcliffe

The Harworth team have been monitoring the incidents of flooding in the Catcliffe area over the past two weeks and our thoughts are with everyone affected.


We are aware that there are some concerns about the impact of the flooding on Waverley, and whether the site has had an impact on flooding elsewhere, and we wanted to take an opportunity to address these directly.


The Harworth team have been carrying out site inspections over the past two weeks and our understanding so far is that there has been no flooding on Waverley itself, and that the development has had no impact on flooding elsewhere. The site’s surface water drainage system - outlined in more detail below - worked very effectively in capturing surface water runoff, and at no point have the lakes or triangular attenuation pond at Waverley been breached. This outcome highlights the resilience of the system, given the River Rother has recently risen to levels in excess of the 2007 floods over the weekend.


Harworth continues to work with Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and relevant agencies co-ordinating the flooding response, and we will continue to support those affected in any way that we can.

Working with the council and combined authority



We wanted to provide an update on the delivery of primary school places at Waverley, which is important to many residents. 


​Ensuring good school place provision over the coming years is a priority for us.  New residential development creates additional demand for school places, and we know there are concerns from some families around availability of places for local children. 


​School provision is determined by RMBC and the Department for Education (DfE) but in recent years we have worked closely with both to help address the challenges around school places.


The provision of school places at Waverley is linked to the number of new homes that are being built.  When Harworth received planning consent for Waverley in 2010, we committed to making financial contributions to support the provision of school places across the development, with four forms of entry in total, across two schools.  This was based on the number of homes initially planned to be built at Waverley, which was higher density than what has been delivered – and included more terraced housing and apartments.


As the development has progressed over the years, we have regularly reviewed our masterplan and sought to ensure the homes we build respond to the needs of the local housing market.  As a result of this, we have delivered a lower density development of estate housing. 


We have been in close discussion with RMBC and the DfE in recent years, and based on the number of homes expected to be delivered at Waverley, it has been agreed that – in with national and local government policy – three forms of primary school entry are needed across the development.  This can be delivered within one school.


We are now working collaboratively with RMBC to deliver this third form of entry within Waverley Junior Academy.  This school has been designed and built to accommodate a future extension.


We know that the community wants to see more school places made available as soon as possible, and in response to this Harworth made an early financial contribution to RMBC to support the delivery of the third form of entry earlier than envisaged.  It is anticipated this will be open by 2026, creating more school places for local children.

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