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Waverley already has over 300 acres of established green spaces set around 2 large lakes.


an active community


Following the completion of a detailed long-term restoration programme, Harworth's green spaces are now extensively used for running, walking, bird-watching, dog-walking and a host of other activities by residents and people who work here.

The COVID-19 pandemic has served to highlight the need for active, connected communities with easy access to green spaces, clean air and nature.  We are keen to further exploit this land for public good, including the following interventions:

- We are working closely with Sheffield Hallam University to create an 'Active Towns' programme - using social research techniques and a detailed understanding of our land to better exploit the site for the benefit of local residents' health.  We have tested a number of interventions in recent years, including outdoor climbing spaces and 'gamifying' local running and cycling routes to encourage participation and will be increasing these interventions across the site.

- A new community garden and public space in front of Waverley's new school has been jointly developed and built with Waverley's local residents.  Now managed by a small number of residents, it comprises a series of raised planters set within an edible hedge boundary with seating areas to promote community gardening and social interaction.

- Waverley's two man-made lakes - which act as the site's principal points of surface attenuation - are a fantastic haven for wildlife.  We have spent several years restoring land next to these lakes to encourage a wide range of species in line with our biodiversity action plan.  Hundreds of bird species are now on-site, including Water Rail and Great Crested Grebes.

Highwall Park

Following the comments received at the consultation event on 30 May, we have now finalised the masterplan and design code for Highwall Park.  The design code was submitted to RMBC in June 2023.


We will need to submit further planning applications on the detailed elements of this scheme, including drainage, earthworks and landscaping.  Works are expected to start on site in Autumn 2023.


We’re pleased to say the new bike track will be open on 28 July.  At present the area is secured by fencing, while the formal path construction and landscaping works is being undertaken.  These ongoing works mean that the area is currently unsafe and will not be open to the public until the fencing has been removed.


The delivery of the rest of the park will be phased between 2024 and 2026. 

PWP 700 Highwall Park Rendered Masterplan Rev02.jpg
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